Simplifying Administration for Pet Care Business

BusyPaws empowers the next generation of pet care entrepreneurs, from soloists through to enterprise. Trainers, daycares and groomers have all found a platform to rely upon.

Hundreds of thousands of pet parents engage with pet care businesses through BusyPaws in ways they expect from modern service providers.

Online fully integrated payment processing

Impress your clients with a modern booking process uniquely designed for pet care. Automate form collection, gather vaccine information, collect payment, control staff and room capacity, and more.

Two-way SMS and Email Messaging, Automated reminders and confirmations

Automated, two-way conversational and transactional messaging ensures your clients and staff are always up-to-date and keeping in touch. Set reminders to reduce no-shows and follow-ups to gather feedback and reviews!

"In the past, there were only two choices - Go with a dog-training specific platform, and sacrifice UI and features, or go with a generic solution to get modern UI and features, but no dog training functionality.

With BusyPaws, we get the best of both worlds - modern design with cutting edge features, and the dog training specific functionality for our needs."

- Andre Yeu, CPDT-KA, KPACTP, When Hounds Fly

Software designed for the unique processes in each pet care segment

Dog Training

Recurring group classes, open enrollment, client homework, video courses, client notes, training packages and many other core business processes unique to dog trainers have built-in functionality within BusyPaws.

Software for Dog Trainers

Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare facilities require bespoke software to effectively manage their business. Scheduling, client-self booking, tracking vaccines, checking in/out, boarding, employee time tracking, and much more.

Software for Dog Daycares

Pet Grooming

Create schedules for all groomers, sync with each Google calendar, set pricing for different size pets, collect payment in advance or on-site, manage a traveling grooming business, and more.

Software for Pet Groomers

Easily schedule clients for personal or group services and enable them to self-book via your website or direct booking links.

Create services for Training, Daycare, Grooming, Boarding, or others that fit your offering.

Quickly see yours or your staff's schedule at a glance and segment into rooms or locations.

Get Synced

Collect payment in one easy flow instead of sending your clients to alternate payment gateways or websites.

Automatically reconcile invoices and issue credits for services to be used on future bookings. Eliminate manual reconciliation.

Get Paid

Communicate directly with your customers with our two-way messaging system via email or SMS. Send one message directly to an entire class or daycare registrants.

Perform behavioral targeting for your marketing campaigns and customer journeys with our Mailchimp integration.

Get Messaging

Provide online educational video content to your clients via the built-in Client Portal. Provide and control access to your content by offering memberships that can be purchased for a one-time fee, recurring billing, or offered in-kind.

Get Online

Automatically onboard clients with fully customizable intake forms. Request digital signatures, vaccination documents, or custom client information.

Keep all information in one accessible location, making your internal processes more efficient.

Get Onboard

Carry inventory for a storefront or to be sold as clients drop off dogs or attend class? BusyPaws has an advanced inventory and product management system deeply integrated into invoicing and bookings.

Automatically update inventory values as products are sold on invoices, through booking add-ons or as part of packages.

Get Selling

Allow employees to clock-in when they arrive and out when they're done for the day.

Collate clocked times and scheduled bookings to get a clear picture of hours worked for any staff member. Easily approve and export for payroll.

Get Recording

How much has your top customer spent? What is your average revenue per pet? What was your total course capacity last month? Last quarter?

Instant insights into your business help you ensure you're on track with your goals.

Get Insights

Support you can rely on

Not everyone is great with computers, we're here for support.

Live Chat/Video

Get in touch with highly knowledgeable Client Success staff by using the in-app chat. Our team resolves most questions within a few minutes.
Schedule a video call to review more comprehensive setup questions.

Comprehensive Help Documentation

We've compiled and regularly maintain help documentation which describes all major functionality within BusyPaws, and provides guides on how best to make use of each feature.

Video Guides

Help documentation can be handy, but videos can get your running faster.
Major functional areas of BusyPaws are covered within our video tutorials.

Support AI Bot (Kiwi)

We've trained our AI bot, Kiwi the pug, to understand how BusyPaws works and how our clients use it on a daily basis.
Kiwi has an impressive ability to answer most questions on BusyPaws' functionality.

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