Turn more visitors into clients with the most modern pet care booking software.

Delight your clients with a modern booking process designed for your business, and enable your staff to spend more time with your clients and their pets by automating tasks like messaging and payments.

BusyPaws serves thousands of pet parents every day to engage with pet care businesses in ways they expect from modern service providers.

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Simplify your booking process while increasing client satisfaction and sales.

Ensure you collect everything you need when a new client registers: vaccines, pet information, payment, and more.

Simplify the process for existing clients without requiring them to remember passwords. Sync everything with your device or Google Calendar.

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"In the past, there were only two choices - Go with a dog-training specific platform, and sacrifice UI and features, or go with a generic solution to get modern UI and features, but no dog training functionality.

With BusyPaws, we get the best of both worlds - modern design with cutting edge features, and the dog training specific functionality for our needs."

- Andre Yeu, CPDT-KA, KPACTP, When Hounds Fly

Booking and Scheduling

Easily schedule clients for personal or group services and enable them to self-book via your website or direct booking links.

Create services for Training, Daycare, Grooming, Boarding, or others that fit your offering.

Quickly see yours or your staff's schedule at a glance and segment into rooms or locations.

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Payments and Invoicing

Collect payment in one easy flow instead of sending your clients to alternate payment gateways or websites.

Automatically reconcile invoices and issue credits for services to be used on future bookings. Eliminate manual reconciliation.

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Communicate directly with your customers with our two-way messaging system via email or SMS. Send one message directly to an entire class or daycare registrants.

Perform behavioral targeting for your marketing campaigns and customer journeys with our Mailchimp integration.

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Learning Management System (LMS)

Provide online educational video content to your clients via the built-in Client Portal. Provide and control access to your content by offering memberships that can be purchased for a one-time fee, recurring billing, or offered in-kind.

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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

Automatically onboard clients with fully customizable intake forms. Request digital signatures, vaccination documents, or custom client information.

Keep all information in one accessible location, making your internal processes more efficient.

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How much has your top customer spent? What is your average revenue per pet? What was your total course capacity last month? Last quarter?

Instant insights into your business help you ensure you're on track with your goals.

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Save with BusyPaws

Spend less time with software, and more with your clients.

Reduced Time Spent
BusyPaws easily saves each of your employees hours every week in finding information and managing process. The time saved is transferred to interacting with your customers, increasing the value delivered.

One-on-One Support

Not everyone is great with computers, we're here for support.

We know that not all business owners are software savvy, your business is dogs, not computers! While we've designed BusyPaws to be intuitive and easy-to-use, sometimes a guide makes all the difference.
We're here to help whenever you have a question.
  • Live chat available for when you've hit an issue and have a quick question
  • Help Center for step-by-step guides on how to complete tasks and in-depth feature information
  • Schedule video calls for guided support and live answers

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