Flexible. Respectful. Welcoming. Focused. Fun.

Adjectives. Many adjectives.

These are a few of the words we'd use to describe the culture at We Are Bar None (the company that builds BusyPaws).

We have two primary objectives working and building here:

  1. To work with people that we would enjoy sharing a meal with (not a job requirement).
  2. To serve our current and future customers with the best service and product in the world.

HQ @ Winnipeg, MB Canada

We use acronyms and say things like "teamwork is dreamwork", but we're pretty serious about building a great culture and product.


No office, loosely defined hours.

We work from various locations across Canada. Our "Head Office" is in Winnipeg, but really it's just where the company is incorporated. Outside of customer-facing roles where available hours are more defined we're accommodating to match a schedule that works for you. Early bird, Night Owl, or anything else doesn't matter to us.


We have a laid back culture and maintain a professional and mature focus.

Life happens. We get angry or sad. Mistakes occur. We maintain a mature and respectful culture in in interactions with our colleagues and clients.


We're interested in learning about our colleagues.

Most of the BusyPaws team are humans (some are dogs) and we have many more hobbies than just building software. We're all pretty interested in learning new things and have hobbies that range from rebuilding cars to skiing the Rockies, we'd love to learn about yours.


We're organized so we can focus on what really matters.

"Startup Culture" filled with chaos and uncertainty doesn't exist here. There's more than enough to do and we're constantly learning, and many of what we attempt fails. But overall, we're highly organized and focus on the activities that deliver the most value to our clients. This permeates our culture to the point that you're unlikely to be confused about what's going on. Clarity encourages confidence.


It's just code and communication, not life and death.

What we do is important, and we treat it as such. But that doesn't mean we're always nose to the grindstone. Having a fully remote team most of our communication is via slack, we like funny gifs.

Come join our team!

Open Positions

Client Acquisition Specialist

West Coast Canada (Remote)
$50,000/year CAD