Never lose track of communication with your clients.

Standard business-to-consumer communication isn't enough in pet care. You're caring for their families, and accurate, knowledgeable communication is an important part of client retention.

Keep your entire email and text history in one place so your whole team knows that your client is concerned about their dog's behaviour and up to speed with the solutions being offered.

"BusyPaws thus far has been the best pet service software that I have found. My business has various services that schedule and invoice differently based on the specific service requested. BusyPaws has managed to build a system that works beautifully for my various needs and keep it all in a simple to use format that my staff and clients can navigate easily."
- Lisa Forde, Paws Unleashed

Email Directly In-App

Send transactional and one-to-one emails.

Keep track of all emails sent to your clients from their profiles so you and your team can get up to speed quickly with the status of their account and pets. Send messages directly from their profiles without opening a separate emailing program.

Send and Receive Texts

Use the power of texting, while maintaining your privacy.

Texting is often the preferred method of communication today, but giving your clients your phone number can quickly break down boundaries. Send and receive text messages directly from your client's profile without ever exposing your personal phone number.

Group Messaging

One message, multiple recipients, one button.

It's not uncommon to need to send a message to everyone attending a class - getting all of the correct emails, ensuring you didn't miss anyone, adding them all to the BCC list, writing and creating the email, then double-checking to ensure it sent. This takes time, let BusyPaws do this work for you.


Custom transactional email templates.

Ensure that all emails sent to your customers match your brand voice. Have full control over your booking confirmation and payment notification emails. Need to send different emails for your Puppy Training class than you do for your Daycare? No problem.

Email Deliverability

Rest easy that your emails are being delivered.

Spam filters on most email providers are advanced and save your clients from receiving unwanted messages. Our system ensures that your emails are sent with the most trustworthy process using the same systems and technology that the largest Internet companies use.