Tutorials and Guides

Guides and tutorials to get you started.

Services are the basic starting point for setting up your BusyPaws account. All bookings will be associated to a service of some sort.

Series are useful templates of multi-booking group classes where clients all start and end at the same time. These are useful for services like a 6 week training class.

Add-Ons allow you to create additional options for your clients to select during the booking process. Things like adding a nail trim to a daycare booking or extending the duration of a private training.

Intake forms are the primary path to collecting information from clients. You can send requests to fill forms directly, add them to a booking process, or embed them into your website to collect the information you need.

There are several triggers to when an automated message will be sent from BusyPaws. Things like booking confirmations, reminders, follow-ups, payment links, etc. Learn how to customize them to use them to automate your administrative process.

The majority of information in BusyPaws will be stored within the customer profiles. Get some tips on how to find the most important information for your business and how to make use of some of the profile features.

Time tracking allows you to schedules your staff and keep track of their clocked-in times for payroll and general resource planning.