Payments and Invoicing

Payments and invoicing made simple.

Keep your business organized with a platform that automates the most fundamental business process: collecting payments.

BusyPaw's invoicing allows you to automate or manually control as much as you want to. Batch invoice once per month? ok. Invoice and charge before each appointment? No problem. Get paid for several appointments and keep track of remaining credits? Yep.

"It has been a pleasure working with BusyPaws as they tweak the app to fit with how I operate parts of my business. And my clients love the ease of use. I’m looking forward to using it to schedule all of my training classes. It has already saved me so much time with paper & payment processing."
- Livia DiGiovanni, Canine Rainbow

Automatic Processing

Create, save, send, and reconcile in a few clicks.

Even with pet care specific software it's often necessary to export data to Excel spreadsheets to capture the information that you and your team need to understand. This takes time and limits the potential for insights to be gained.

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QuickBooks SyncCredits

Manage Credits and Sell Packages

Packages are essential for all pet care business.

Almost all pet care businesses sell packaged services to their clients, a training program with access to online course materials, or a 10 day daycare pass at a discounted rate, for example. BusyPaws allows you to automate the sale, and track the success and use of the packages delivered.

Batch Invoicing

Flexible invoicing to match your process.

Some businesses take all payment up front, some after the service is delivered, and others one per week, or per month. Send multiple invoices for all outstanding balances with the click of a button at any frequency that makes sense for your business.

QuickBooks Sync

Forget the monthly emails to your accountant.

Sync your account with QuickBooks and we'll send any new invoices and customers to your accountant/bookkeeper daily. Never look for a spreadsheet of invoices again.

Stripe Setup

Payment Processing

Fast, painless setup.

BusyPaws integration with Stripe allows you to be set up to collect payments within a few minutes. After answering a few questions to establish your account, you're immediately ready to accept any major credit card.

BusyPaws does not charge any additional fees for processing cards. The applicable Stripe processing fees apply: 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

Membership Subscriptions

Collect recurring subscriptions or payment plans

There are several use cases for recurring payments. Perhaps you'd like to offer a payment plan for a package, or a monthly subscription to access your services. These can be done with BusyPaws.

Many pet care businesses are moving to a membership service model. For access to online training courses, or access to facilities, or even for a number of included monthly credits for daycare.

Membership creation is a simple process and allows you to control access to content and services. Fees for subscriptions are 3.4% + 30¢ per transaction.

Point-of-Sale System

Fully integrated in-person payments

Connect the real world with your management system and customers. No need to reconcile multiple systems, or different payment processors with online or in-person payments.

Use our card reader to collect payment in-person and immediately reconcile your client records, issue credits, sync invoices with QuickBooks, and simplify your administrative process.