Scheduling + your website
= More clients.

Providing a simple client self booking process is the most important component of an effective sales funnel for your pet care business. Removing barriers, like requiring an account or password can increase your conversion rate more than 20%.

Best in Show

BusyPaws' booking software is the easiest, and most powerful, booking platform in the industry.

Just a single line of JavaScript code can integrate our booking system into your own website.

  • Want to add an Intake Form?
  • Accept payments before they're booked?
  • Set the limit for your group class to 10?
    No Problem.
  • Automate scheduling and sync calendars?

Try the Demo Below

We've set up a fake company: ACME Dog Training & Daycare and embedded our booking system below. Try it out!

(Don't worry, no emails are sent - but in a real integration you'd receive confirmations and reminders)

"BusyPaws has been great. Makes filing multiple kinds of classes and services very easy. The support has been amazing. The developers are really responsive to questions as I learn how to effectively use the software. They have also added new features and functionality based on what I need for my business. Highly, highly recommend them."
- Jeanne Shaw, Love 2 Play Dog Training
Scheduling Calendar

One-on-One Bookings

Automatically calculate staff availability for private bookings.

Stop spending time trying to find what time works best for both of you and empower your clients to schedule themselves. Set the times that you're available for each service, and then watch your calendar fill up!

Ideal for private training, grooming, walks, or other services scheduled in specified time blocks with a single provider.

Group Bookings

Group services provide more control and functionality.

Add your classes, group walks, or daycare schedule to your calendar and enable your clients to register into available spaces.

Group services allow you to keep track of attendance, message the entire group at once, identify if a client is unpaid or has credits available, and set a total capacity (can also be limited by room capacity for multiple services).

recurring bookingsPet check-in

Training Series

Set up your multi-week training programs.

Most dog trainers offer a training program that might extend 4-6 weeks. It's important for your software to be able to register your clients for the program, and track their progress/attendance across the Series. Keep your trainers informed and up-to-date every time.

For training packages where clients may start and end at different times, we offer an Open Enrollment service.

Collect Payment

Fully integrated payment processing

Each additional step within your registration and payments process causes clients to abandon their bookings. Providing a quick and seamless process through to confirmation and payment is paramount to a high conversion rate.

90% of payments recorded in BusyPaws are processed online or in-person with our integrated payment processing system. Transactions and card data are all processed and secured by Stripe.

Sync with your Devices/Calendars

Take your calendar on the go.

The world has gone mobile, and we all have competing demands for our time. Ensure that you have up-to-date information and your extra-curricular activities are sync'd back with BusyPaws to adjust your availability.

Use the two-way Google Calendar sync to keep all of your devices up to date. Sharing your calendar with your clients (so they can see services offered at a glance) is as easy as copying a single line script into your website.

A Powerful Widget

One line of code,
many possibilities.

Integrating BusyPaws' powerful scheduling widget into your site is as easy as copying a single line script into your website's <header> tag. The rest is entirely managed within the settings on your account dashboard.

You may also use our hosted public services page and booking portal, a password protected client portal, or send direct booking links for specific services by email or SMS.

booking widgetCalendar