Release Notes: Q1+ 2022 - Employee Schedules

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Release Notes: Q1+ 2022 - Employee Schedules

Summarizing all of the new developments that happened in the first quarter of 2022 (+ about a month... so first third?). We have a major update to the scheduling and availability engine that underpins BusyPaws.

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BusinessPaws: The Human Side of The Leash

Everyone loves dogs, but they don't have the means to pay for your services. Their human counterparts are an important part of the business, grow your connection with the dog's owners and grow your business.

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Year in Review: 2021

A quick look back at what has changed in 2021 and a brief look into where BusyPaws is headed in 2022!

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BusinessPaws: How to Employ Memberships in Dog Training

Membership models in dog training is becoming a more common model for predictable revenue and client retention. Megan explains several ways you can use this model within your business.

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BusinessPaws: How to Grow Revenue in Dog Training

Want to grow revenue in your dog training business? Follow these steps and work your way towards healthy business and more time to spend doing what you enjoy most.

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BusinessPaws: 6 Tips to Start the New Year in your Pet Care Business

New Year, new and improved plans. How does the leader of a multi-location dog training business approach the new year?

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BusinessPaws: 6 Tips to Grow Your Dog Training Business

Business growth is a challenging task, especially if you're starting from scratch. A strong focus on the basics is key to your success - these tips helped grow a 7 figure training business. Even if your goal isn't to grow to that size, these tips may help you grow a successful business as well!

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Release Notes: Q3 2021 - Open Enrollment

A look back at the updates made to the platform in the third quarter of 2021, including some of the most requested features for dog trainers: Open Enrollment!

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BusinessPaws: 5 Mistakes Dog Trainers Make that Lead to Burnout

Burnout is a serious issue that all business owners and working professionals should take note of and take necessary precautions and actions to stave it off. Your clients, colleagues, family, friends and most importantly, you, all benefit. What could be leading you down the path to burnout?

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BusinessPaws: A Guide for Client Compliance in Dog Training

Ensuring clients follow, and stay, on plan is a significant challenge for any business. This can be especially challenging in a pet care or dog training environment. Megan Stanley provides her insight to help you ensure your client's success.

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The Most Common Software for Dog Training Businesses

Most pet care business software is built for kennels or groomers, leaving dog trainers to mix and match several software solutions to meet their needs. Let's take a look at the most common solutions we see and identify a potential solution to getting tangled in software.

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BusyPaws Attending the 2021 APDT/CAPDT Conference

BusyPaws is happy to support the Dog Training industry and will be attending the 2021 APDT/CAPDT Virtual Conference on September 29/30.

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BusinessPaws: How to Time Manage Your Dog Training or Dog Daycare Business

Time management is critical for success in any productive endeavor. Megan Stanley has some tips to help organize your dog training business to ensure you're set up for success.

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Release Notes: Q2 2021 - Integrated Messaging

A look back at the updates made to the platform in the second quarter of 2021 designed to improve the support for dog training and pet care business processes.

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BusinessPaws: Profits in Dog Training and Dog Daycares

Profit is not a bad word, but what should pet care businesses focus on when it comes to their financial statements? What is a healthy margin? Is it ok to focus on the money?

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