Client Onboarding

Automated intake process.
Zero data entry.

Has this customer signed your Client Agreement? When are their pet's vaccinations due? Have they read your Rules & Regs?

Create and fully customize your intake forms. Automatically collect information when your clients book appointments, or send them new intake forms when you need updated information.

Intake Forms
Janessa Jefferson
"I just have to rave about how awesome this software is. Especially the fact that I can write notes after each private session and even upload my videos during that session for progress checking. It’s AMAZING!!"
- Janessa Jefferson
Pawsitive Peaks Animal Training

Full Customization

Ask for anything you want. Custom text and data fields.

Every pet care business has different requirements for what information needs to be gathered, including requirements set by insurance companies. BusyPaws allows you to create custom intake forms with any information you need to collect.

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Custom Forms
Vaccination Information

Track Vaccinations

Understand and track your risk.

One of the more common data points is vaccination information. With our intake forms you can collect vaccination expiry dates and documentation for any vaccination you need to know about. We'll also let you know when they're about to expire.

Pet Care Customer Relationship Management

It's a well-trained CRM, no treats required.

BusyPaws UI


Add and review notes on every client or booking and keep everything in one place. Upload files or images to be as detailed as possible.


Add any type of document you need to track directly to a client's profile. Client specific training videos, or hand-written and scanned notes can reside here.


Sometimes it's easier to remember the pet's name than the owner's. Use the site-wide search to find any pet/owner and view the pet profile to find all of your custom data.

Filled Intake Forms

All pet care business has some forms or agreements that need to be filled. BusyPaws automatically stores a copy of the original forms so you can confirm their responses.

Course Progress

Track your client's progress through your courses. When they watch your videos, their progress is tracked so you can follow up and discuss the lessons.

Booking History

Find all of your customer's previous and upcoming bookings in one place. Easily identify your customer's total lifetime value and value of upcoming bookings.


Reviewing past invoices, or finding unpaid invoices is simple. At a glance, identify the total for the invoice, its status,

Completed Report Cards

Send and review report cards which are fully customizable and stored on the customer's profile for future reference.


Add credits specific to services, or gift cards, to be used by your clients for future services. Easily track what has been used, reserved for existing bookings/services, or available for future bookings.