Products and Inventory

Sell collars, treats, and more alongside your services.

Create products and variants of all of the pet care goodies you sell from any number of vendors.

Sell them when a client self-registers for a service via a package or add-on and automatically deduct from your inventory so you know when you need to reorder.

Product Variants

Customize your products and include variants to stay organized

Dogs and leashes come in many sizes, organizing your products into variants with up to 3 variant attributes (like size, color, and material) help to keep you organized even with hundreds of SKUs.


Inventory Management and Tax Rates

Automatically deduct from inventory and set custom tax rates

Sell products when clients are self-registering through booking add-ons and packages. BusyPaws will automatically update your inventories to ensure you're up-to-date.

Quickly identify which products have been sold to whom, and for which bookings with the inventory management views.

Inventory and Product Import

Import products from other systems or when inventory is received

Already have a system to manage your store inventory, or currently keeping it all in an spreadsheet? No problem, importing products and stock quantities is easy.

Have multiple channels you're selling products through? Or just received a restocking order? Re-import products to update inventory quantities at any time.

Add ons and Packages

Products can be sold when a client is registered for a service via Booking Add-Ons. These are optional up-sells to your booking services.

They can also be included within your Packages or Memberships. ie. Selling a 6 class pack or multi-day daycare special? Sell a treat bag or a branded leash in their package.

Custom Tax Rates

Sell into a jurisdiction that has different tax rates for products and services? No problem, you can customize your tax rates by product, service, to be inclusive or exclusive, to be applicable to only products or only services.

BusyPaws automatically calculates tax rates per line item on every invoice.

Automatic Inventory

BusyPaws takes care of inventory tracking for you as products are added and sold on invoices.

This occurs when a client is self-registering and paying for a booking which includes a package or add-on, or when manually invoicing a client for a specific product.

Manual adjustments are possible, too!

Sell Online or In-Person

Products can be sold through the client self-registration process (Booking Add-Ons, Packages, and Memberships), by manually generating and sending an invoice for a client to pay online, or by connecting our point-of-sale card reader for in-person payments.

Product Sales Reports

Easily identify which products are selling to determine reorder points and quantities, quantify slow movers, and glean insights to create packages to turn over inventory more quickly.

Multi-Facility Inventory

Managing inventory across multiple locations is logistically challenging and increasingly chaotic for data management.

BusyPaws allows you to quickly see how much inventory is in which facility and update accordingly.