Employee Time Tracking

Simplify payroll by unifying your scheduling and time tracking processes.

Spend less time tracking hours for part-time or contract staff by integrating your time tracking process with your booking scheduling process.

Both can be automated and reviewed weekly to ensure records are up to date. In 30 minutes or less you can process payroll for any number of staff.

Clock-In and Out

Single-tap clock-in/out

Staff can log in on their phones, or on a communal workstation and start/stop their timer when work begins and ends.

All edits and start/stop times are shown within the reports view so managers can ensure records are kept current.


Automatic Hours Worked Calculations

Calculate hours worked via bookings, schedules and clocked time

Determining the hours a staff member worked is done automatically by comparing their schedule for the day, any bookings they've been assigned to and any times they've clocked.

A manager can update the totals to make any adjustments needed, if they were scheduled for work but the schedule had not been updated, for example.

Payroll Export

Process payroll at any frequency and import into your payroll system

After reviewing and approving the recorded hours for each staff member, exporting the data within any specified time range is a single click.

Exports are formatted for quick payroll entry into most major payroll systems.