Instant visibility into your business.

Because BusyPaws' business administration platform is built for pet care business, our reports are, too.

Access KPIs critical to understanding your business without the need for monthly or weekly exports to an Excel spreadsheet.

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Built for ease of use, with very powerful underpinnings.

Even with pet care specific software it's often necessary to export data to Excel spreadsheets to capture the information that you and your team need to understand. This takes time and limits the potential for insights to be gained.

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BusyPaw's reporting has been built with modern pet care in mind. Using the power of relational databases and SQL (computer speak for data management) we can gather real-time information on what is happening in your business.

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KPIs and Metrics

Pet care business basics with power for much more.

Total Revenue

Get the total value invoiced within the selected period: This Month / Last Month / This Quarter / Last Quarter / Year to Date / Last Year

Accounts Receivable

Many pet care businesses run without any receivables, sometimes they're unavoidable and it's helpful to know where you stand.

Average Revenue per Pet

Being able to compare your earnings per pet served over time can help you to adjust your services to better suit your business and clients.

Average Spend per Customer

Are most of your customers single pet affairs? Do they come more than once per period? Gain insight into customer activity.

Average Transaction Value

Compare the average individual transaction value over time and vs. the average spend per customer or per pet.

Revenue Sources

Do you have services that aren't being used much? How much revenue is your top service actually bringing in?