One dog training business software platform to lead them all.

Dog Training businesses, regardless of size, often need 5 or more software solutions to manage their process: Document Signing, Scheduling, Invoicing/Payments, Online Course Content, and Messaging. BusyPaws combines these into a single platform saving you time, money and improving your customer experience.

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Booking Software for Dog Trainers

The most modern booking process for dog trainers is BusyPaws.

Allow clients to purchase packages, book into a set of group classes, open enrollment classes, one-on-one training with a specific trainer, fill your intake forms or even register for your waitlist.

All in one process available on any device and without requiring any passwords.

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Intake Forms

Gather the Their Information

Always collect the information you need.

Create Intake Forms to collect any information you need. Collect digital signatures if needed. Each completed form automatically updates the client profile. Set it and forget it!

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Automate Reminders and Send SMS Messages

Ensure your clients bring what they need.

Fully customize booking confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails and set different messages for different services. Forget writing a message to each client for every class (although you can do that, too, or even send them an SMS with your own BusyPaws phone number).

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Confirm Attendance, Take Notes, and Send Reports

Keep track of everything, all in one place.

Each booking page serves as a history for what occurred. Mark the dogs who attended, and those who didn't. Add notes for future reference and send report cards of the dog's performance based on templates you've set up.

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Issue Invoices and Collect Payment

Collect payments and keep your accountants happy.

Invoice at any time, when the bookings are created, when they're complete, or monthly - whatever suits your schedule. Automatically collect payments online and sync invoices directly with Quickbooks Online.

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Track Progress and Engage with your Clients

Never lose track of where a client is in your program.

All information is held on your client's profile so you can quickly get up to speed with where they, and their pets, have been. Track progress through your programs via credits to see what's been used and what's available for future bookings.

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Hosted Video Content

Upload your course videos to our hosted platform.

Don't send your clients to yet another platform with another login - add all of your course content to BusyPaws and they can access your videos from within the Client Portal.

Want to charge a monthly fee for access to the content? No problem.

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"In the past, there were only two choices - Go with a dog-training specific platform, and sacrifice UI and features, or go with a generic solution to get modern UI and features, but no dog training functionality.

With BusyPaws, we get the best of both worlds - modern design with cutting edge features, and the dog training specific functionality for our needs."

- Andre Yeu, CPDT-KA, KPACTP, When Hounds Fly

Support you can rely on

Not everyone is great with computers, we're here for support.

Live Chat/Video

Get in touch with highly knowledgeable Client Success staff by using the in-app chat. Our team resolves most questions within a few minutes.
Schedule a video call to review more comprehensive setup questions.

Comprehensive Help Documentation

We've compiled and regularly maintain help documentation which describes all major functionality within BusyPaws, and provides guides on how best to make use of each feature.

Video Guides

Help documentation can be handy, but videos can get your running faster.
Major functional areas of BusyPaws are covered within our video tutorials.

Support AI Bot (Kiwi)

We've trained our AI bot, Kiwi the pug, to understand how BusyPaws works and how our clients use it on a daily basis.
Kiwi has an impressive ability to answer most questions on BusyPaws' functionality.