About Us

Programming for those who take care of our pets.

We built BusyPaws to take care of those who take care of our pets by making their businesses a little easier to manage.

Canadian-based, our pets are no strangers to lined boots, little parkas, walks in Winnipeg fields or taking in Revelstoke vistas.


HQ @ Winnipeg, MB Canada

Our Experience

Our team possesses experience across a range of industries and roles, with extensive knowledge in software and product development. Among our friends and family are several dog trainers whom we've had discussions about the software they all struggle to use and link together to operate their businesses.

The Pack

Lauren Taylor, Client Success Specialist

Lauren Taylor

Client Success Specialist

Lauren is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner with over 13 years experience working with dogs and more than 4 years experience working as a professional dog trainer and training instructor. With a strong background in customer service, she is well-versed in providing client support. She has a passion for teaching and a drive to help make pet care and training services more accessible.

When not at work or teaching dog training classes, Lauren spends her time with her Spinone Italiano, Jarvis and Berger Picard, Gizmo, playing and training in a variety of different sports including hoopers, agility, scent, rally-o, and ratting.

Nathan Bertram

Nathan Bertram


Nathan is a lifelong entrepreneur, programmer and dog dad. After watching a dog trainer friend experience growing pains with her pet care business and struggling to juggle multiple software products + paper-based solutions all at once. He thought there must be a better way.

Unable to find an existing solution that checked all the boxes he was inspired to create modern pet care software built specifically for the unique needs of dog trainers. BusyPaws has been built with the belief that pet care professionals are better served spending less time managing their back office and more time doing what they are brilliant at.

When Nathan isn't building you will find him outside exploring all of what the outdoors has to offer.

Kerry Falk

Kerry Falk


Now in his second startup, Kerry has had a lifelong passion for systems and software. His career has taken him across continents and kilometers below ground. From managing sales teams selling capital equipment to programming web systems with Ruby and Javascript, his focus remains on delivering value to customers by solving problems.

Video conferences may be interrupted by his rescue yorkiepoo, Kiwi, who lovingly sits at his feet all day.

Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell


Mark is a veteran of the start-up arena after a decade of work in the industry. BusyPaws benefits from his experience in the past at the largest social media network for doctors, safeguarding businesses from identity theft, implementing payroll SaaS, and live-sports web-scale systems engineering involving millions of devices. Creating easy-to-understand experiences that accelerates businesses and gives insight is his passion.

A father of two wonderful young daughters and husband to a wonderful wife, he spends his spare time volunteering.