Learning Management System (LMS)

Bring your training content online.

Extend the reach of your training programs through our content platform. Upload videos, pictures, PDFs, or text for your audience to follow.

Construct your courses and lessons and publish them for your membership. Provide access to courses specific to membership levels that you choose to establish a fully comprehensive training suite.

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"I love everything about this software. It looks great. My clients have the option of booking appointments themselves. Intake forms are generated and available for them to sign prior to their appointments. If I ever have an issue or made a mistake the team at BusyPaws are available to me. I actually can talk to them and they’ve always been able to resolve my problems."
- Emily Hernandez, Forest & Pugtatoe Grooming Salon

Dog Training Course Platform

One platform, one payment, the power of many.

Many professionals possessing expert knowledge in their field, like dog trainers, are turning to online platforms to assist in getting their information to their audience in an easily consumable format while retaining control over their knowledge and information.  The result often leaves the trainer forced to use several platforms to manage their business with limited communication between systems.

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BusyPaws enables you to publish all of your course content, stream videos, and charge for access via monthly memberships while remaining connected to your scheduling, invoicing, and customer management process.

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How it works

It's Kajabi or Teachable, built for dog trainers.

Setup your courses to include any number of units and lessons. Upload your lesson content to include video, text, images or PDFs to complete your course from start to finish. Publish completed content or keep in draft to continue to edit and release new content on the schedule you choose.

Create your membership levels to include varying payment frequencies or access to different levels of content. You control access and tiers.

Use our subscription and login buttons or fashion your own. Include our widget on your site to enable access and payments for your content.

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