Why choose BusyPaws over DogBizPro?

DogBizPro is the only other software made specifically for dog trainers. The DogBizPro team has done a great job in solving issues faced by dog trainers for a little more than 10 years (that's ages on the Internet). Internet software changes rapidly and it can be challenging to update existing legacy software with modern needs. If you're a dog trainer looking for alternatives to DogBizPro, read on see how BusyPaws is different.

What's the key difference between BusyPaws and DogBizPro?

Most current pet care software is designed for the needs of kennels or groomers, DogBizPro is unique in that its primary focus is dog training. This places DogBizPro as BusyPaw's most direct competitor with respect to the target customer. While there are many feature similarities, specifically when it comes to the structure of a booking (like Open Enrollment, or Series), there are also several differences.

The primary difference between DogBizPro and BusyPaws is the technology and design practices used to build them - on the surface this may not seem important. To the user, it doesn't matter if Instagram is built with a different technology than TikTok, it only matters how their functionality differs. In this case, the former greatly affects the latter. For example, it's not necessary for a client to click through multiple links to log in, register for a booking and pay for it in another portal - in BusyPaws this can all be done in one modern process.

Today, clients expect a modern user experience as they receive it from the majority of service providers (hair stylists, massage therapy, yoga, gyms, etc.). This in turn extends to dog training as well, BusyPaws meets this expectation with a modern client interface and user experience.

If your primary business is dog training and you're looking for a modern platform designed for your business let's dive deeper into why businesses, like yours, trust BusyPaws to handle their schedules and client information.

The top 5 reasons why businesses choose BusyPaws over DogBizPro

Fully integrated messaging (Email and SMS) system

We have several clients making the switch from DogBizPro to BusyPaws and some common feedback we hear is that it's much easier to send a message to an entire class with BusyPaws because the messaging system is built-in. With DogBizPro it lists the email addresses of the clients but you need to copy/paste them into your email client to send messages, thereby separating client information from your business platform.

BusyPaws also keeps track of all system sent messages so you can see all communication to your clients. They can respond to any message sent from BusyPaws which will show in the consolidated Inbox or on their client profiles. You may also customize booking confirmations, reminders, follow-up messages and more.

At no extra cost, two-way SMS messaging is also included.

"In the past, there were only two choices - Go with a dog-training specific platform, and sacrifice UI and features, or go with a generic solution to get modern UI and features, but no dog training functionality.With BusyPaws, we get the best of both worlds - modern design with cutting edge features, and the dog training specific functionality for our needs."
- Andre Yeu, CPDT-KA, KPACTP, When Hounds Fly

End-to-End payments and automatic invoicing

Modern booking software should do nothing less than allow the client to self-select their time and pay for the service all in one process. For pet care, it should be able to do more than that as well, but this is a base requirement.

BusyPaws does this and uses Stripe's platform to securely process payment to deposit into your account. At the same time, it will create an invoice, generate any required credits, and sync these invoices with QuickBooks.

Should you also be collecting payment in-person (at the first class in a Series for example) we have a fully integrated card reader available which will provide the same functionality as online payments. If you take a deposit upon registration and the remainder in-person, this may work best for you.

Modern User Interface to elevate your client experience and speed your internal process

Modern Client Profile

Using dated software doesn't just affect the experience of your clients (and their decisions to return), but also affects your staff. We build BusyPaws to get out of the way, if you're spending most of your time in pet care software, you're not spending time in front of your clients growing your business.

As mentioned above, we heavily invest in the user interface your client sees. This increases booking completion, sales, and greatly reduces the customer support you and your staff provide to have your clients utilize the software.

We don't stop at the client facing area, however. We apply the same principles to the back end processes as well. Things like manually adding a booking on the client's behalf, checking a client into a group class, or adding a note to a client profile, and more. These processes are made to be quickly done so you can spend less time in software, and more in front of your clients and their pets.

Dead simple client booking process

Booking TimeBooking PaymentBooking Confirmed

Consumers today interact with software on a daily basis, and the majority of service providers offer some sort of self-booking process. Pet care software has not kept pace with the rapid change in current best-practice software development and user experience.

BusyPaws has taken a best-in-class approach to the client self-booking process, exceeding the standard that clients have come to expect from modern service providers. This means things like fewer clicks to complete a booking, not requiring profiles/logins/passwords, processing payment upon booking, automated confirmations and reminders, and a mobile friendly experience. BusyPaws does all of this while also being dog trainer friendly (collect vaccinations, signatures, and custom responses).

Some services you do want to keep a little more private, however. That's ok, BusyPaws can handle that, too, with private booking links or via the Client Portal (which does require passwords to access).

Video Hosting and Learning Platform

BusyPaws is the only pet care software with a built-in learning and content platform. Allowing you to add instructional videos, orientation content, or full dog training self-guided content in the same platform used for booking and invoicing.

Use monthly subscription pricing to earn recurring revenue from your content.

If you're currently hosting video and content on a platform like Kajabi, Teachable or Google Classroom you can instead use BusyPaws and keep all of your content, and client experience, to a single platform.

Feature Comparison

BusyPaws LogoBusyPaws Logo Small


Integrated Messaging System and SMS

Login-Free Public Booking Portal

Fully Integrated Payment Processing and In-Person Payments

Online Video and Course Platform

Training Capable Booking System (Open Enrollment/Series)

Customizable Automated Confirmation and Reminder Messaging

Online Forms with Digital Signatures

Booking Widget for Website Integration

Automated Invoicing

Advanced Kennel Booking Features

QuickBooks Integration

Free Trial