BusyPaws vs. Gingr

Gingr was among the first to focus on niche software for pet-care businesses and provide a bespoke solution. Software doesn't slow down and the same solution that solved problems when Gingr began is no longer enough to satisfy modern business owners, staff or clients.

BusyPaws is built with your clients and staff in mind, the faster we can get them to their desired goal, the more effective and efficient your business becomes. Modern consumers expectations of software is high because of high quality free services widely available. The client-facing part of BusyPaws is designed to present your brand as the most modern and effective choice.

Why choose BusyPaws over Gingr?

While there are many feature similarities, and differences (some of which are listed below), the key difference between the two is who the software was built for. This initial focus informs all later design decisions and although there are many common business processes in pet care companies (namely, the pets!) there are some stark differences.

Gingr had primarily been built and designed for kennels, therefore the main interface and user process flow is well aligned for kennel businesses. BusyPaws has been designed for dog trainers and dog daycares (many of which do both services) and the resulting design is well aligned for those businesses.

If your primary business is large scale boarding you may not wish to read further. If, however, your primary business is training or daycare let's dive deeper into why businesses, like yours, trust BusyPaws to handle their schedules and client information.

BusyPaws Turns Your Client Booking Process into a Competitive Advantage

Booking TimeBooking PaymentBooking Confirmed

Consumers today interact with software on a daily basis, and the majority of service providers offer some sort of self-booking process. Pet care software has not kept pace with the rapid change in current best-practice software development and user experience.

BusyPaws has taken a best-in-class approach to the client self-booking process, exceeding the standard that clients have come to expect from modern service providers. This means things like fewer clicks to complete a booking, not requiring profiles/logins/passwords, processing payment upon booking, automated confirmations and reminders, and a mobile friendly experience. BusyPaws does all of this while also being dog trainer and dog daycare friendly (collect vaccinations, signatures, and custom responses).

Some services you do want to keep a little more private, however. That's ok, BusyPaws can handle that, too, with private booking links or via the Client Portal (which does require passwords to access).

"BusyPaws puts all of our dog business related needs in one user-friendly system. We are able to manage bookings, contracts, payments, and vaccine record management all in one place. The developers are always available for questions, troubleshooting help, or suggestions to improve. I am constantly recommending BusyPaws for dog-biz owners who need a more robust system that goes beyond simple booking, but stays affordable!"
- Sarah Dixon, Barks and Recreation Pet Services Inc.

Modern User Interface to get your staff moving quickly

Modern Client Profile

Using dated software doesn't just affect the experience of your clients (and their decisions to return), but also affects your staff. In busy environments, like when a dog is being dropped off at daycare, or you're in the middle of holding a group training class. It's important that the software gets out of your way, completes the task as quickly as possible, and allows you and your staff to engage more with your clients and their pets.

We take two approaches here: First, try to automate or enable the clients to self-serve as much as possible so that you and your staff don't need to perform those functions. This includes things like automated messages and automated invoicing and payment processing. Second, we keep the user interface clear so finding what you want is quick and we make the most common functions easily accessible. This includes things like the quick check-in (it lists dogs arriving today so you can check them in), and being able to access the in-person payment PoS from any page on the site.

Video Hosting and Learning Platform

BusyPaws is the only pet care software with a built-in learning and content platform. Allowing you to add instructional videos, orientation content, or full dog training self-guided content in the same platform used for booking and invoicing.

Use monthly subscription pricing to earn recurring revenue from your content.

If you're currently hosting video and content on a platform like Kajabi, Teachable or Google Classroom you can instead use BusyPaws and keep all of your content, and client experience, to a single platform.

"BusyPaws thus far has been the best pet service software that I have found. My business has various services that schedule and invoice differently based on the specific service requested. BusyPaws has managed to build a system that works beautifully for my various needs and keep it all in a simple to use format that my staff and clients can navigate easily."
- Lisa Forde, Paws Unleashed

The largest development team in the industry

BusyPaws is built by a team of highly experienced software developers, each of whom are capable of building the entire platform end-to-end. Having a comparatively large number of highly experienced software developers means we're able to build more, faster, with fewer bugs.

For you, this means that we're able to rapidly solve issues that arise (they always do) and we can more easily listen, and respond to, customer feedback in turn improving BusyPaws and adding more functionality. Smaller development teams tend to rapidly slow in feature delivery because they're spending more time on client support / maintenance.

Feature Comparison

BusyPaws LogoBusyPaws Logo Small


Integrated Messaging System and SMS

Login-Free Public Booking Portal

Fully Integrated Payment Processing and In-Person Payments

Online Video and Course Platform

Training Capable Booking System (Open Enrollment/Series)

Customizable Automated Confirmation and Reminder Messaging

Online Forms with Digital Signatures

Booking Widget for Website Integration

Automated Invoicing

Advanced Kennel Booking Features

QuickBooks Integration

Free Trial


Try before you buy

Modern SaaS clients (like you) are a savvy bunch capable of assessing their needs and the capabilities of the software offering. In most cases a B2B sales process guiding you through setup and locking you in before you've processed your first client is unnecessary or unwanted. It's commonplace to be able to try software before purchasing in non-enterprise-custom-build environments.

Not all functionality is immediately intuitive, however, even for the most user-friendly software. For these features we have full help documentation, video, automated step-by-step guides and live chat for in-app help.

"In the past, there were only two choices - Go with a dog-training specific platform, and sacrifice UI and features, or go with a generic solution to get modern UI and features, but no dog training functionality.With BusyPaws, we get the best of both worlds - modern design with cutting edge features, and the dog training specific functionality for our needs."
- Andre Yeu, CPDT-KA, KPACTP, When Hounds Fly