Release Notes: Q3 2021 - Open Enrollment

Nathan Bertram

A look back at the updates made to the platform in the third quarter of 2021, including some of the most requested features for dog trainers: Open Enrollment!

We've been busy responding to the needs of our clients, and theirs, over the last quarter. We've crossed several substantial milestones processing tens of thousands of booking requests every month! Our focus remains on providing a high quality service to our clients with a high standard of responsiveness. We intend to maintain and improve that moving forward. When we're not learning more about our client's businesses and what they need to operate more efficiently, we're building solutions to the issues we discover. Below are a few of the things that changed over the last few months.

Usability/System Stability

We're frequently monitoring how our system is being used and how it's performing. During this last period we identified a number of issues that were causing slow page loads at times, or were confusing our clients on how to perform certain functions (like adding rooms to Services). We've improved these areas and are continuing to look at more. This should continue to make your lives easier and save more time, ain't nobody got time to fight with software!

Extended Membership Functionality

Memberships are a growing revenue model for pet care business. With the additional functionality to Memberships, you can now issue credits for services at any frequency you'd like. Want to provide your client 1 credit for a specific service every week, and expire it if they don't use it? No problem. You can do this now and also charge them at any frequency you would like.

Referral Program

It's no secret that the majority of our growth since our inception has been via our clients recommending us to their friends and colleagues. We wanted to extend a thank you and so we've built a referral program that will provide a 20% discount off the next payment (applicable to annual payments, too). They are stackable as well, if you pay yearly and refer 5 others, get a whole year free on us. :)

Contact Forms

HTML contact forms suck, we heard you. It's also not great to use Google Forms, Jotform or one of the other systems (while great on their own) and then transpose all of that information into your business management platform. We get it. Now any form you create in BusyPaws can be embedded into your website to replace those contact forms. When a client fills them out, they'll automatically be added to your prospects to manage from there.

QuickBooks / Partial Refunds / Discounts

Making your bookkeeper's life a little easier is usually a good thing. We asked ours what they hated about the typical QuickBooks integration and built the opposite. Every night we'll send all of the invoices generated and any new clients over to Quickbooks to make their lives easier. Next, we'll update the integration to also send payments and reconcile those invoices automatically.

Alongside this we've updated the invoices to allow you to add discounts which automatically calculate and send partial refunds, if necessary.

Message Templates

The way you communicate with your clients is important to your brand - update the messages sent automatically to match your brand voice. Need to make sure that everyone attending a specific class receives a unique reminder email telling them to not bring their dog? No problem - these can all be customized within the Message Templates. Set them and forget them, so you and your staff spend less time on the computer sending messages.

Open Enrollment!

Lastly, but definitely not least, our most requested feature addition asked for by almost every dog trainer using BusyPaws: Open Enrollment. Workarounds no more! Now from the Client Bookings page you can set any group service to be Open Enrollment and set how many consecutive classes the client will be registered for. We'll handle the rest for you. :)

As always, please keep us informed on what you need for your business - we're always working to make it better.


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Release Notes: Q3 2021 - Open Enrollment

A look back at the updates made to the platform in the third quarter of 2021, including some of the most requested features for dog trainers: Open Enrollment!

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