Year in Review: 2021

Kerry Falk

A quick look back at what has changed in 2021 and a brief look into where BusyPaws is headed in 2022!

Year in Review: 2021

BusyPaws was founded in early 2020 as a project to help friends and family reduce the time they spend managing software to operate their pet care business. Our sole focus was on consolidating the number of software services they were using (and gluing together). It was rapidly apparent that this is a problem not unique to our friends and family. 2021 marks our first full year of operations with many significant changes and growth from very modest beginnings.

On the product development front we spent the majority of our time identifying key process issues for Dog Trainers and Dog Daycares - working with our clients to improve BusyPaws and deliver more value by reducing their administrative burden and/or making their customer journey more predictable and streamlined. This includes functionality like Memberships, Online Courses/Videos, Integrated Messaging/SMS, Quickbooks and MailChimp integrations, among others. Product improvement is an iterative and indefinite process, we have a solid foundation from which to build upon and feedback from our customers is a key (and rapidly growing) input to achieve our goal: to build the best pet care software in the industry.

On the business front the demand is growing faster than we had expected, rapidly growing in the last quarter of the year. With 30-40% growth in booking volume month over month and doubling in January of 2022. The system itself handled the increased volume without any issues, most of the increased volume put additional demands on our people and customer service response times elongated from an average of 2 minutes to 17 minutes and 24 seconds. Our target is less than 10 minutes. It looks like we've exceeded our capacity to respond within our target window and it's unlikely that the demands will be reduced moving forward. We'll be looking to establish a Customer Success team in 2022 to work towards achieving another goal: to provide customer service that improves our customer experience.

Some key metrics and milestones from 2021:

  • Our clients increased their payments processing volume by more than 300% in Q3
  • More than doubled the total number of messages sent on the platform in Q3
  • Tripled the number of online courses on the platform in Q3
  • Now processing tens of thousands of client bookings every month

These modest results processed with zero downtime and regular updates throughout, already on track to be dwarfed by what we've seen in January. 2022 is starting off keeping us very busy. We'd like to share some of what you can expect in the months and year to come.

First, as mentioned prior, we're looking to expand and establish Customer Success team to improve and grow your experience using BusyPaws. This is the primary focus for our business efforts in 2022.

On the product development front we will continue to push major and minor updates to the system. We have three areas for major focus:

  • Online Booking Design and User Experience
  • Payments Processing
  • Improved Interface for Dog Daycare Businesses

We'll keep you informed as we make improvements in these areas in the coming months.

Thanks for your support and business in 2021, we look forward to growing together in the coming years!

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